Frequently Asked Questions


Question: When should I contact my insurance agent?

Answer: The factors impacting the design of your policy and the premium charged for it are many. Because of this, the list of circumstances that warrant a visit with your agent is nearly endless, but here are a few to consider. You should reach out any time you need to file a claim or think you may need to file a claim. In addition, you should communicate with your agent if you bought or sold property, bought or sold a vehicle, moved, had a change in your marital status, or if there has been a change in who lives with you. If you are a business customer, you should contact your agent if you have had any major changes in your revenue, payroll, or what your business does.

Question: I've called or stopped in the office in the past. What if I can't remember who I talked to last time?

Answer: That's no problem. We have multiple licensed staff available to help you. We'll either get you to the person who is most familiar with your account or another person who can help you.