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What You Should Know About Getting a Quote

Shopping for insurance is not most people's idea of a good time. Talking about your driving record, commute, and your dog can feel awkward. Our goal is to take as much pain out of the process as we can. Here are some ways you can prepare for the process.

  1. Have your documents ready. If you have insurance now, have a copy of your current declarations page available - this is the one with your name and address on it and your current limits of insurance.  If you are looking for a quote on auto insurance, have the names, dates of birth, and driver's license numbers for each driver that lives in your household.

  2. Be prepared to provide your social security number. Most carriers base part of your rate on your insurance score (sometimes called insurance credit score). An insurance score uses factors, including your credit score, to predict your probability of filing a claim.

  3. If you are shopping for homeowners, renters, or condo-owners coverage, consider what you own. Do you own valuable or unique items such as jewelry, watches, furs, firearms, or silverware? Property in these and other categories are subject to special limits and may need to be specifically listed on your policy in order to have adequate coverage.

  4. Are you self-employed? Do you work at home, or have a side gig? Be ready to tell us about it.


We know that your situation is unique. Be ready to share information to help us better understand you and your individual needs.

Get a Quote

To request a quote, fill out the form below. One of our agents will contact you to gather additional information and discuss your needs.

Note: Submitting this form does not bind insurance coverage.

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